Exciting news! Part One of my mini-serial The Unfinished Prophecy is being released this month! I know you can’t see me right now, but I am doing my happy dance…! 😀

Release date is the 31st January, just over two weeks away. I’m super excited and was awed when I received my cover art earlier today! Can’t stop looking at it…

Anyway, I thought I might try to tempt some of you into downloading the book (did I mention it will be free for a limited time?) by giving you a little teaser about what happens in Part One: The Twilight Swordsman!


She must be dreaming still. Those two little lights looked exactly like the eyes of the monster in her dream. Her mind tried to tell her that it was impossible, but every sense in her body told her otherwise. She stayed very still and tried not to breathe too loudly.

The lights blinked again. With a yelp, she reached for the switch to her bedside lamp.

Her hand never made it to the lamp. Something huge leapt at her, grabbing her up and throwing her against the wall. The breath was knocked from her lungs and she fell to the floor, silent, unable to draw air to make another sound.

The beast stood over her, eyes pulsating angrily. Beyond those, she could faintly make out the outline of a large, misshapen beast. She had no idea what else to call it. It certainly wasn’t human and didn’t resemble any animal she knew.

The Unfinished ProphecyShe had to be dreaming. She pinched her leg hard and winced. The eyes were still there, staring at her, daring her to make a move. Cierra felt almost hypnotised as she stared back.

They flickered away from her for a moment, distracted. A tearing noise filled the room and behind the creature, a hole in the air seemed to wrench itself open. Another shadow stepped through it and the hole resealed itself.

The monster turned away from her and focused on this newcomer. The strange new shadow was a threat to it, or at the very least, a challenger, and the beast seemed hesitant, not sure if it wanted to engage in combat with it. Cierra didn’t care who or what the shadowy figure might be, as long as it could get rid of the nightmare.

“How often must I chase after you filthy creatures?” said the new shadow with a sigh. It was definitely a male voice. Human too, which was some relief. “Isn’t it enough that you’ve taken over our world? Why do you need this one too?”

The monster growled in response and its gaze swung back to Cierra, making sure she hadn’t moved. It needn’t have worried. Her legs wouldn’t have cooperated with her brain anyway. They were quite happy to stay weak with fear.

The monster’s movement made the stranger aware of Cierra’s presence.

“I see what you’re up to. Terrorising some poor young girl. You really shouldn’t have done that.” His voice took on a dark tint of anger.

In the dimness of the room, Cierra could just make out the stranger’s hand moving to his hip. Something hissed and she tensed up until she realised that it was the shadow drawing a sword. The monster growled a warning. The shadow chuckled wickedly.

“Was that a threat? Scary stuff.” He swung his sword around casually as he continued to speak. “I’m not an unreasonable man. I’ll give you a choice. Leave now, without harming the girl, and I won’t follow you for a good couple of minutes. Otherwise…” The sword came to a sudden stop, glinting ominously in the faint light from the window. It pointed directly at the monster’s centre. “Otherwise, it’s goodbye nightmare.”

If you want to know what happens next, download the book on the 31st January! Part Two will also be released on the 31st, but both will only be free for the first 3 days. If you want to be sure to grab them both for free, sign up to the Mailing List and I will remind you when the time comes!