short story, story promptBrad is certain that no girl in the real world would want to be with a freak who can move things with his mind. The only girl he’s close with is his best friend Gwen. Can she convince him that a girl would be lucky to have him?


“What are you thinking about?”

I glanced over at Gwen, blinking in confusion. “Hmm?”

“I asked you what you were thinking about. You’ve got a goofy smile on your face. I haven’t seen you act this way since that time you swore Stacey was your soul mate,” she said, smirking. “Have you found your next life partner?”

I could feel heat in my cheeks. “That was years ago. Can you stop bringing that up?”

She laughed. “Nah. It’s fun watching you squirm.”

I rolled my eyes at her. “I thought best friends were supposed to be supportive.”

“I am super supportive,” she insisted. “But only when you’re doing the right thing. If you continue to pine after girls that are way out of your league, I’m simply going to ridicule you.”

“Jessica is not out of my league!” I protested hotly.

She winked at me. “So there is another girl.”

How did she do that to me? I could never hide anything from Gwen. She either saw right through me or somehow manipulated me into confessing my thoughts. It was so irritating. I turned away from her, catching sight of Jessica’s blonde head among a group of other girls. That goofy smile was trying to resurface, but I fought it down.

“Well, frowning fiercely at the girl is not going to win you any points, Brad,” Gwen giggled.

“You’re a girl. What do you think I should do?” I snapped. I unscrewed the cap on my water bottle to take a swig.

She tilted her head to the side. “She’d probably be pretty impressed to see your superpowers.”

Choking on the water, I shoved at her. “Shut up!” I hissed. “Stop talking about it in public!”

“Relax. It’s not like any one would believe that you had superpowers. But I still think showing off would earn some points.”

“Sure. I’ll just waltz up to her and ask if she wants to be telekinetically lifted onto the roof. I’m sure that will make me look real suave.”

Gwen pouted. “I’d be impressed. You never use your skills around me anymore.”

“Because I’m trying to be normal!” I growled. “No girl is ever going to want to be with a freak. It’s all well and good in the comics or movies, but in real life, a girl is going to want a normal guy with a normal life and normal, handyman skills!”

“How do you know that for sure?” she asked me quietly. A strange look passed across her face before she looked away hiding her expression.

“Think about it, Gwen. Would you want to spend time with a guy who’s life is constantly threatened? Would you want to become a target for the organisations that hunt my kind down?” I shook my head. “I might have a crush on a girl, but there’s no way I could ever involve someone I love in my nightmare. I couldn’t put them in that sort of danger.”

“And what if I did want it?” She spoke so quietly that I could barely hear her, but her question left me speechless.

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