short story, story promptChelsie’s dreams tell her and her friends of their new missions to save the world, but her latest dream is slightly different… does she dare tell them what happens?


“I had a dream last night,” Chelsie began hesitantly.

Instantly, the three other people in the room turned to look at her, their expressions a mix of hope and fear.

“What was it about?” Vita asked. She was always the one to get straight to the point. She hated waiting around for anything.

“It was about us, wasn’t it?” Tyler said, crossing his arms over his chest. “Her dreams are always about us.”

Chelsie cringed at the accusation in his voice. This was why she hated telling them about any of her dreams. They seemed to think she could do something about them – change them or alter them to suit herself. It didn’t work like that though. The dreams were just visions of what was to come. She couldn’t control the future.

A warm hand rubbed her shoulder. “Don’t listen to him. He’s just grumpy today.” Cody shot a warning glare at the other boy, before returning his attention to her. “Your dreams give us warning. At least we can prepare ourselves for what’s in store.”

“So, tell us already. What did you see?” Vita drummed her fingertips on the table. “Who gets the joy of dying this time?”

Chelsie hung her head. “All of you.”

Silence. She didn’t dare meet their gazes.

“All of us?” Tyler exploded. “You mean, just us three? What about you? How come you survive? Is there something about the future that you aren’t telling us? Are you holding back information that will save you but kill us?”

“There’s never been a time when so many of us have died,” Vita added, her voice strained. “Usually only one of us has to go through that in order to save the world.”

A shiver ran through Chelsie’s body. Even Cody’s hand was gripping her shoulder more tightly and he was the one who stayed calm no matter what.

The sound of a fist slamming into the table made her jump. She looked up at Tyler. His eyes blazed with anger. “No way. I had to die the last four times we took on a mission. I’m not doing it again.” He pointed a finger at her. “Do something about this. Change it!”

She shrunk away from him. “I can’t,” she whispered. “I wish I could, but you know can’t!”

“Then why? Why do you live!?”

This was why she’d wanted to keep it a secret. This was why she hadn’t wanted to tell them of the new mission. They always blamed her for their deaths, though there was nothing she could do about it. She was just the messenger. Tears started gathering in her eyes. It wasn’t like it was easy for her to watch them die over and over again – she had to see it in a dream and then in real life and do nothing about it.

Cody’s hand moved from her shoulder and his arm circled her instead. “Don’t worry, Chels. We know there’s nothing you can do about it. We’ll resurrect before you know it and everything will be just fine.”

She didn’t miss the tension in his voice. Sure, they could all resurrect, but small things always changed about them. It might be something physical, it could be a slight personality shift, a mental block or missing memories. They never came back the same. It only got worse the more they died. It was like slowly losing parts of yourself. She knew it was hard for them not to resent her when she had only died three times and had changed the least amount of times.

She looked at all three faces, their expressions grim but determined. Perhaps it would be best not to tell them the worst part of the dream. The part where they all died, but no one resurrected…

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