short story, story promptSelvyna has to prepare herself to save the world from the Immortal Plague. Does she have what it takes?


“I’m just getting worse and worse,” Selvyna huffed. “Whoever said ‘practice makes perfect’ is an outright liar.”

“I guess it’s lucky that we’re not counting on you to save us all from the Immortal Plague, then,” Joss said airily. She snapped her fingers. “Oh, wait, yes we are!”

Selvyna scowled at her. “For someone who’s supposed to be helping, you’re not doing a very good job.”

Joss shrugged. “What’s the point? You’re useless. How could the Divine Spark choose you over me? I’ve always been better at both the theory and the practical lessons. When the Spark realises that it has made a mistake, I’ll be waiting. You’re on your own.”

“I am not useless,” Selvyna fumed.

“Fooled me.”

Selvyna stalked to the edge of the flat roof-top and stared at the town spread out below. She couldn’t fathom why the Divine Spark had chosen her, a mere Initiate, rather than one of the Priestesses of the Cloister. Was the Spark capable of making mistakes? The High Priestess had said it was infallible, but Selvyna couldn’t help but feel that for once, it was wrong.

She wasn’t sure she had what it took to save them.

Rubbing her temple, she turned away from the view. The fear of failing everyone had been a constant companion ever since the Spark had chosen her several days ago. If she couldn’t master the complex prayers, chants and hand movements in the next two days, the entire population, save for a few thousand people, would be wiped out by the Immortal Plague.

Her best chance was getting Joss to help her. Begging seemed appropriate.

“Joss, please. I need your help. If I fail, we won’t be around to care about who was chosen.”

Joss considered it for a moment. “You make a surprisingly valid point.” She got to her feet with a sigh. “Very well. I suppose I’d like to live a few years longer.”

Selvyna tried not to look too relieved. Joss knew everything there was to know about the Divine Spark and the Immortal Plague. If she was finally prepared to help, perhaps all was not lost.

“The first thing you’re going to need to do is put a protective barrier around the Cloister when the Plague comes. If the Plague gets to the Priestesses, they won’t be able to assist you in the other parts of the ceremony.”

“If I’m using a barrier, couldn’t I just put one up across the whole land? I wouldn’t have to learn all the complex stuff then.” It sounded like an awesome plan to her.

Joss’ eyebrows went up, a sure sign she was about to say something patronising. “Do you think you have the power to hold a massive barrier in place for weeks on end?” She sighed. “Wait. You’ve never cast a barrier rite, have you?”

Selvyna bit her lip. “I never got the hang of that one.”

Joss put her head in her hands. “Wow. We really are in trouble.”

Hehe, I like Joss! 🙂

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