Day 8 - xmasMerry Christmas everyone! I hope you enjoy reading about Amara and her deal with her father to get out of her arranged marriage!


This was the worst Christmas ever.

Amara closed her eyes and let the snowflakes settle on her upturned face. They were soothingly cold on her flushed face, especially her eyes, which were now swollen from crying.

How could her father do this to her? And on today of all days? If her mother was around, she would have never have let it happen.

More tears slid from the corner of her eyes. Her father had been beaming when he’d told her the news only half an hour ago. It was her Christmas present from him, to secure her future happiness and wellbeing. She stamped her foot in the snow. She was quite capable of looking after herself. She did not need an arranged marriage to ‘secure her future’.

Especially to someone she didn’t even know.


She sighed and turned to face her father, the Earl. His brows were drawn with concern.

“I thought you would welcome this news.”

“Father, I don’t even know him! How can I marry someone I don’t know? What about love? You and mother married for love, why can’t I?” A fresh bout of tears started. She hated being such a cry-baby over this, but she couldn’t help it. It felt like her life as she knew it was coming to an end and she had no control over how it was changing.

Her father pulled her into a hug and she clung to him tightly. “My dearest Amara. If it concerns you that much, I will break the engagement.”

She pulled back from him. “Really?”

He stroked her hair. “Of course, dearest. I wouldn’t want to lose my daughter over something like this.”

“Oh, thank you Father!”

“I only have one condition,” he said sternly.

Amara frowned. “What is it?” she asked warily.

“I will break the engagement in one year’s time, but during this coming year, you must meet your betrothed and get to know him. I will allow him to court you and give him the chance to win your love if that is what he wants.”

She gasped. “Father! How can you…”

He held up a hand to stall her. “This is the only chance I am giving you on this Amara. You wish to marry for love; perhaps you will love your betrothed in a year – but if not, I will honour our agreement to break off the engagement as long as you honour your side to allow him to court you.”

Her father was stubborn. He wasn’t going to back down on this. She really should consider it a blessing that he was willing to call off the engagement at all.

With a defeated sigh, she nodded. “Very well, Father. I will allow him to court me. I don’t want him to be under any false impressions, however – he needs to know that this is only a one year thing.” Because I’m not planning on falling for some idiotic young lord.

“Good girl.” He pulled her into another hug. “Well, the year starts now. He’s here to meet you.”

Amara gaped. “Father! I’m a mess!”

“You’d better get that sorted out then,” he said with a fond smile. “You want to make a good impression on our guest.”

On the other hand, maybe I should go and roll around in the mud. That would probably put of any suitors, she fumed.

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