short story, story promptAlanna was once the princess of the Kingdom, but an evil mage took everything from her – her home, her family and her land. She’s been on the run from him for a while now, but it’s time to stop. It’s time for her to save her Kingdom…


Alanna felt a tear trickle down her cheek, watching from a distance as the last of the blossoming trees became consumed by the wretched blue flames. She turned away from the destruction. They’d been lucky this time. She had managed to get to the forest in time to warn the beings living there. Dryads, nymphs, sprites and animals all looked at her expectantly, deep sadness in their eyes.

She’d saved their lives, but she couldn’t save their home. They had no where to go. Like her. Her home had been destroyed the moment that Mage had stepped across the threshold of the palace. Now, he was eradicating everything good in this land in an attempt to track her down.

“There’s a safe place you can all go to,” she said, directing her statement at a nearby centaur. She passed him a rolled up piece of parchment. “Follow these directions and you will find it.”

“Princess Alanna, are you not coming with us?” he asked.

She shook her head. “I can’t. He’s searching for me. Any place I go is endangered. I won’t risk putting your lives on the line. There are good people waiting for you. They’ll help you get settled until this is over.”

“Princess, surely there is something we can do to help?”

“He will only destroy you. I can’t risk that happening to anyone else.” Her voice broke. “I will stop him, but I won’t let anyone else die helping me. Now go. You need to hurry.” She turned and walked away from them, heading towards her next destination.

“Highness,” the centaur called.

She turned back, her breath catching in the back of her throat. Every single animal and magical being had their heads bowed in her direction.

“Remember that we will always support you,” the centaur said. “You are our princess and rightful queen. No matter what the Mage says, we will follow you if you ask it of us. Please remember that.”

Alanna blinked back tears and nodded at them. “Thank you.” She hurried away. Did she really deserve their loyalty? She was the reason their homes had been destroyed. The Mage’s vendetta against her had burned many villages, forests and people. Was it right for them to still believe in her?

I will make it right, she swore to herself. I will not let them put their trust in me vainly. It is my duty to stop this usurper and put things right again in the Kingdom.

Reaching the top of the mountain pass that lead out of the once-forested valley, she gazed across the kingdom. Behind her, smoke still billowed in massive clouds as the forest finished burning. Before her, the land spread out as the mountains gave way to fields and villages. In the far distance, a glint of silver reflected the setting sun’s rays. Her home. The palace.

She had to go back. She had to face him and stop this madness. She couldn’t allow this to continue. He wanted her so that’s what she’d give him, but she would do it on her terms.

A cold wind whipped her hair around her as the first stars glimmered in the darkening sky. She would give the Mage what he wanted. She would hand herself in, but she wouldn’t let him have the Kingdom. That was something she could never let him have.

It was time to put the plan into action. She strode down the other side of the pass.

She had a Kingdom to save.

An epic in the making, I’m sure! 🙂

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