story prompt, short storyChloe has been playing the VR game for just as long as the members in her party, but they are still stubborn about putting her in dangerous situations. She is more that capable of helping them take out a game Boss. If only they’d see that…


Chloe felt the rage growing. How dare they dismiss her? What gave them the right to doubt her abilities? Why did they judge her unworthy, just because she was a girl?

“You’re going to regret this,” she yelled at the two boys.

“Whatever, Chloe.” Sampson sounded bored. “What use will you be in a fight against a mighty beast? We’d have to protect you the whole time.”

She stomped towards him. “After all this time being in a party together, you still think I’m useless?” She jabbed him in the chest. “Who was it that saved you from falling into the spiked pit the other day?”

He shifted uncomfortably. “That’s different.”

“I saved your life, Sampson. You would have had to spend a lot of Gold to teleport back to that spot. Not to mention all the XP you would have lost and the ‘Crippled’ de-buff you’d have suffered for the next two days.”

“There were no angry beasts involved,” he argued. “This is a different matter, Clo.”

“He’s right,” Luke spoke up. “You could be in danger if you come with us – we won’t be able to keep and eye on you and fight at the same time.”

She rounded on him. “Don’t you start. I’ve saved you from a few scrapes too, don’t forget. I’m not asking you two to protect me. I’m telling you that I’m coming with you. I’ve fought plenty of monsters in this game. I am coming.”

“No,” both boys said at the same time.

“You can’t stop me,” she told them.

The two boys exchanged a glance. She could see the frustration in their eyes. She knew that they didn’t want her to come along, didn’t want to see her in potential danger, but the same went for her. She didn’t want to her two best friends put their lives at risk either. In her head, she knew death would only mean losing all the current XP they had for their level and a few de-buffs, maybe even a minor curse for a few days, but if she could help them avoid that, she would.

“Look, I can help. You know I can.” She lifted her staff. It was emitting a soft, green glow. “Let me help. I can heal you and give you strength and buffs during the battle. It’s what I’ve been training for since Level 3, after all.”

With a groan, Sampson ran a hand through his dark hair, pointed elven ears twitching. “Fine. You can come.”

Chloe winked at him. “Well, there was already no question about that. It was whether or not you let me come with you, or if I’d have to go by myself.”

Luke shook his head despairingly. “You’re going to get yourself killed.”

“No, that’s what’s going to happen to you two if you keep trying to keep me out of things,” she retorted. “Honestly, what is the sense in going into a fight without your spell-caster to back you up?”

“You’ve never fought a dungeon Boss, though,” Luke said.

She scowled. “Not for lack of trying. You guys are too protective. I can take care of myself. You focus on the Boss and I’ll keep you alive.”

Oh, virtual reality. Games are going to be epic with VR technology! 🙂 This starter marks the end of the second month of 500-word story starters. Ten more months to go! :/

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