short story, story promptJackie is attacked on her way home by a man who wants her ‘life essence’. Thankfully, she is saved by someone – but he is just as much a mystery as the man who attacked her. Should she trust him?


Jackie walked faster along the pathway. She was later than usual and the sun had already set. Behind her, another pedestrian walked in the same direction, a few metres back. In the few glimpses she caught of him, she noticed he was wearing a hoodie that covered his face. He’d also been following her since she got off the train.

She hesitated before heading down the long alleyway that led to her house. Usually, she’d take the shortcut, but tonight she decided it might be better to stick to the lit paths. Continuing along the pathway, she threw a quick glance at the man. He was still behind her, always following at the same distance.

She turned down the next street, checking behind her after a few minutes. Slowing, she blew out a breath of relief. He was no longer behind her. She was being paranoid. Smiling, she turned to continue on her way.


She screamed in shock. He was standing right in front of her. She took a few stumbling steps backwards. He kept pace, smiling calmly at her.

“W-what do you want?” she gasped.

“Just a little of that scrumptious life essence of yours. It’s really quite mouthwatering.” In a move faster than she could track, he had her back pressed against his chest. Her arms were pinned at her sides. She could feel his cold breath on her neck. “Now, these are the rules – you’re not going to cry for help. There will be no scratching or biting – trust me, I scratch harder than you and I will bite back. I can make this process more pleasant for you if you let me. Do I make myself clear?”

Jackie nodded, holding back a whimper. Was he a murderer? What did he mean by wanting her ‘life essence’? Please, someone save me!

“Good.” He spun her to face him. Holding her wrists tightly with one hand, he gripped the back of her head with his other hand. Tilting his head down, he stopped with his lips a centimetre from hers. He inhaled deeply. “Ah, yes. You are going to be delicious.”

For a millisecond, his lips brushed hers, then his grip was yanked painfully from her wrists and head. She winced as strands of her hair were pulled out. Her eyes watered. When she blinked them clear, all she could see was a broad, muscled bare back. A tall man stood between her and her assailant.

Her attacker snarled. “You again! When will you leave me alone?”

“You won’t harm anyone as long as I am still around to protect them,” her saviour spoke, his voice low. She leaned around him to see the man who’d tried to attack her.

“You’re denying your own impulses, Damien,” the man said. “One day, you’re going to lose control and destroy many more lives than I have taken. You won’t even know what you’re doing.”

The man protecting her said nothing.

“Fine. Have the girl.” He smirked. “See if you can resist her scent.” The man turned and seemed to disappear into thin air.

Her saviour turned to look down at her. “Are you alright? Did he kiss you?”

Jackie shook her head. “Barely. You arrived just in time.”

“Let me check.” He took her hand gently in his large one, turning it over so he could see her palm. After inspecting it for a long moment, he nodded. “Good. He didn’t drain anything from you. Are you heading home?”

She nodded.

“I’ll walk you. I’m not sure he’s gone for good. He was right about you – your life essence is very alluring. He might come back to try again.”

Jackie swallowed hard and let the strange, shirtless man take her arm. What the heck is going on?!

Not sure where this one is going… 😉

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