Day 6This 500 word story beginning is in a bit of an odd present-tense-style – it just seemed to stick like that…


I remember blinking and staring up at a star-strewn sky. That’s the first memory I have. My life before that is blank. I don’t know who I am, what my name is, or where I’m from. As far as I’m concerned, that night under the constellations was the first night of my life.

I remember gazing at the stars for hours, wondering who or what I was supposed to be. I know that I was strangely calm for someone who couldn’t remember who she was, but I’ve since learned that I don’t get anxious easily. Perhaps it’s simply part of not knowing anything beyond a couple of months ago. I’ve realised that I have to take things in stride and figure out stuff on the fly.

For example, I’ve learnt that magic is feared and hated. I didn’t even know what magic was, but I was able to use it. Some people shunned me and refused to talk to me, others tried to kill me. I left that small town soon after that mishap.

I still don’t fully understand why magic is considered evil – it can be used for the wrong purposes, but it can also be used for good.

It wasn’t long before I also got the hang of ‘buying’ and ‘selling’ with money, or trades. Turns out, you can’t simply take an apple from a stall if you feel like one. Angry people will yell at you and chase you. If they catch you, they keep you in a dank room for a few days. I got bored of that room quickly and used my magic to leave. They didn’t like that either – it’s called escaping apparently, and you aren’t allowed to do it if you’ve been put in one of those rooms. You’re supposed to wait for someone called “Justice” who will serve you.

I left anyway. I didn’t return to that town after that mistake. They must like me there though, because I occasionally see posters with my face on them under the word ‘wanted’ in some of the other towns. Maybe I will go back one day.

They also like you to wear these long pieces of cloth called ‘dresses’. The men wear different cloth items which look much more practical. I’d prefer to wear their clothes, but it is considered ‘improper’. Wearing nothing at all is ‘downright scandalous’. I wear the dresses now, otherwise people won’t talk to me.

“Jenna, are you ready?”

I glance across at the young man who is carrying a wooden crate towards our stall. I like him a lot. He was the first person to be nice to me. He’s taught me a lot about life and how people work.

“The market will be getting busy soon.”

“I’m ready, Micah,” I reply. “Do you think we will sell much today?”

Micah taught me how I can use my magic to help people without them realising. He isn’t scared of magic. He showed me how blending different plants together creates pastes. I can put magic in the pastes as I make them and it strengthens their natural powers.

Micah tells me that we have become popular and well known for our healing supplies. I’ve learnt that this seems to translate into more people buying from us.

The sky in the east is beginning to lighten. People are starting to venture out of their homes, ready for a new day. I’m always a bit sad at this time of day. I don’t like to see the stars go. I feel connected to them. They are a constant comfort no matter where I go. I always miss them during the day.

What do you think? Is it a bit difficult to read in the tense it’s in?

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