short story, story promptAs the most popular girl in her school, she’s used to getting attention and loves it. But when her perfect guy seems to hate her, what will she do?


I sat in the great hall of Century Academy, the boarding school I’d attended for the past four years. Across the room, my target was laughing and talking with a group of other guys. My eyes narrowed. I would make him see the truth. It was only the start of the school year. I had plenty of time.

Usually, I loved school. Not the actual school work part of it, but the socialising. This was my domain. You could see it in the faces of the people I passed in the hallways. They looked up to me. Some of the younger ones even worshiped me, which was cute. The group of people around me was always large. I was never alone and always the centre of attention. Everyone adored me. I loved every second of it.

I was powerful.

Okay, when I say everyone adored me, I mean everyone who actually matters. There were a few dorks and geeks who weren’t worth my time and they seemed to dislike me for some reason. I’ve never been downright nasty to them. I guess they were simply jealous of me.

I am, after all, quite stunningly beautiful. I have porcelain skin, glossy black hair that falls to my waist in perfect ringlets and striking green eyes. All the jocks want me as their girlfriend and fawn their affections on me. I am forever receiving tokens of admiration which I giggle about with my girlfriends later. They are all very sweet, but none of them are what I want in a boyfriend.

My boyfriend needs to be perfect, just like me. All the boys at Century have imperfections; one has dark freckles on his face, another has a slight case of acne, yet another has a crooked nose – so on and so forth. They all have something wrong with them, something I can’t overlook. But that doesn’t mean that I discourage them from their efforts in wooing me. A guy has to have a sense of hope, after all. It it weren’t for me brightening their day, what would they do?

Anyway, this was how my life had been during my time at Century. For all of my life, actually, as far back as I can remember. I am the one beloved by all. I honestly believed I deserved all of that devotion and that it would continue for the rest of my life, that anyone of consequence that I met would see how perfect and amazing I was and immediately love me.

Then, he appeared. The perfect boy.

He was a new student, just starting this year and from the moment I set eyes on him, I knew he was the one for me. No freckles, no acne and a perfectly straight nose. His skin was almost a golden tanned colour and his azure eyes positively sparkled. His slightly wavy blonde hair was highlighted, but naturally by the sun – trust me, I know my highlights. He was faultless.

Unfortunately, he also appeared to hate me. A lot. I couldn’t stop the small pout as I continued to stare at him across the hall. As if sensing my gaze, our eyes met for a moment. Not even a second later, he waved to his friends and left the room. I slumped in my seat. Why does he keep doing that?

The first time I had approached him, my most dazzling smile in place, his wonderful blue eyes had darkened and he’d abruptly turned on his foot and stalked away. That had hurt, but I’d figured he must have remembered something unpleasant he’d had to do immediately and left to do it.

Confidence partially restored, I tried again the very next day. And the next. And the day after that. Eventually I conceded to the fact that for some unfathomable reason, he disliked me. How that was even possible, I still don’t know.

But I m not going to give up on my perfect man that easily. By the end of the semester, he would love me.

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