Day 5This one is inspired by a short anime I watched earlier in the day – I really like this one! 🙂


Serenia flipped her perfectly curled blonde locks over her shoulder and inspected the students that shared the classroom for illusion-casting studies. She couldn’t help but sneer in disdain at them. No one seemed to care about their appearance – uniforms were crinkled, hair was in simple ponytails, and makeup was practically non-existent. She cursed her parents again for moving halfway across the realm. Honestly, no place could ever measure up to Pandenilax, the capital city and her home up until now.

This backwards town was her home now. How dull.

She puffed out a breath of air, resisting the urge to slump back in her chair. She had never slumped in her life and she wasn’t about to start now, simply because her life was going to be boring as hell.

A child skipped into the room. She looked to only be about 4 years old. She gazed with wide eyes around at the students. One of the teen witches left her seat to talk to the little girl.

“Where have you come from, sweetie? Are your parents around?”

The child stared up at her, lower lip wobbling. “I can’t find them.”

Serenia was about to look away, bored out of her mind, when a faint purple shimmer caught her eye. An almost imperceptible haze surrounded the girl.

She flicked her wand from it’s hip-sheath. “Disparius,” she whispered. The tip of her wand glowed a vibrant green. A second later, green sparks erupted around the little girl, clashing with the purple haze.

The teen witch shrieked and stumbled back.

The air around the child cleared. The girl was gone, only a woman in her mid-thirties left standing where she had been a moment ago. A smile quirked her lips.

The teen witch who’d talked to the little girl gasped. “Witch Grymalia!”

“Hello class,” the lady said. “It’s nice to know that at least one of you can see through a simple camouflage spell.” Her eyes caught Serenia’s. “Impressive work, and nicely done with the dispelling.”

Serenia shrugged and put her wand away. “It’s a simple technique. I learnt that at least two years ago at my last school.” Although that was a pretty powerful camo spell, she thought to herself. She could usually see right through them easily.

Grymalia swept to her desk, closing the door of the room with a brief swish of her wand. Her long, deep purple robes swirled around her feet and left glowing violet sparks behind her that slowly faded.

Serenia sat forward slightly. That effect was actually pretty awesome. Maybe this teacher could teach something useful.

“You must be Serenia,” Grymalia said. “I’d expect nothing less from a student of the illustrious Academie of Wytchcraft.” She focused on the other students. “Can anyone else tell me how Serenia detected the illusion? Or how she dispelled it?”

The class was silent. A few students cast hostile glances her way. She smiled sweetly at them. Don’t like the hot new girl showing you up, huh?

“No one has any ideas? Heavens, what was Warlock Tannid teaching you last year?” Grymalia sighed dramatically. “I’m sure you all realise that being accepted into the Wytch Guardians requires knowledge of the basics.”

Serenia’s brows shot up and half the students began chatting excitedly. The Wytch Guardians were powerful battle witches. It was notoriously hard to be accepted into their ranks. That hadn’t stopped her from dreaming of being one of them since she was 5 years old.

Could this teacher help her achieve her dreams?

Suddenly, life didn’t seem so dull…

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