short story, story promptGwen has been able to see angels and demons for as long as she can remember, but now, there’s a problem. The demons are still here, but the angels are gone…


I glanced out the window, suppressing a sigh. I closed my journal, tucking it away in my bedside table drawer under my socks. Leaning against the headboard, I watched the birds flit by. If only I could fly like them – I would fly away from here and never look back.

I hated boarding school. I hated that I was here because nobody at home wanted me. I hated that I was different.

My name is Gwendolyn Harris. I am 17 years old and I am different. Very different.

I can see angels.

Okay, so it’s not just angels – I see demons too. But I prefer to just think about the angels. The demons are horrifying.

Nobody else but my family knows about my special ‘talent’. If I could have it my way, even they wouldn’t know. Unfortunately, children have a habit of speaking the truth and I often told my parents and my sister of my visions as a child. I would scream in the middle of the night when I saw the demons outside my window and blubber it all out to my mum. If I was laughing in the yard and talking to someone they couldn’t see, I would tell them later it was an angel.

As I grew older, they took me to special doctors. They prescribed certain medications, but none of it helped. I could still see the demons and the angels.

By the time I hit 9 years old, I realised that if I wanted to hang on to any friends, I would have to keep my mouth shut about the angels and especially about the demons. I would have to be normal.

Which was fine. Normal was what I wanted. What I still want. But it’s hard not to react when you turn a corner and see a twisted demon attaching itself to somebody’s desires.

My family was not fooled. They could tell I was still seeing things, but they wanted nothing to do with it. So long as I kept quiet, they would act like nothing was wrong. Which included ignoring me most of the time. First chance they got, they shipped me off to the furthest boarding school they could find, spouting some nonsense about it being one of the best in the country and my education would take off in leaps and bounds.

Yeah right. If this school was so good, then how come Nicole, my perfect sister and the golden child, wasn’t going to the same school? My parents definitely made sure she got the best of everything in life.

At least being this far away from my family meant that my sister couldn’t torment me anymore. For some reason, she seemed to take great offence to the fact that I could see angels. I’m positive that she somehow feels she should deserve to see them too, considering how perfect she is. Honestly, I’d give her the power in an instant. See how she likes being treated like a freak. She made my life miserable for years.

I jumped to my feet as I caught sight of a small but ominous red cloud drift by the window. That was bad news. Red clouds meant that a demon was looking for someone to possess. I had only seen it happen twice, but I knew that if it wasn’t stopped, terrible things were about to start happening.

Usually, this sight wouldn’t bother me, but lately, strange things had been happening here. The demon population was growing alarmingly and they were getting more aggressive and bold.

Most of the time, the angels would take care of the demons before it got this bad.

Unfortunately, the angels have disappeared.

Could become an interesting story!

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