short story, story promptBlaire was ‘enhanced’ by the Facility, but she escaped their clutches. They aren’t willing to lose her though and are intent on tracking her down wherever she goes and taking her back. Dead or alive.


Blaire dropped to the floor of the old science lab and rolled behind the cover of a bench. Blue bolts of energy whizzed above her head and scorched the white walls behind her.

“Over there! Circle around!”

She froze, heart pumping. They’d tracked her down again. The Facility had sent men to eliminate her. She might as well give up now. They weren’t going to stop searching for her, she realised that now. She was a liability.

She shook herself. No. I deserve to live as much as anyone else! I won’t let them terminate me! A predatory smile spread across her lips as her mind snapped into battle mode. If the Facility hadn’t wanted her to fight, then they shouldn’t have given her such good enhancements.

Peering around the corner of the bench, she sized up the situation. Two men were closing in on her position from the right. Another stood by the door, the only exit from the room. In the reflection of the glass in the windows, she could see another two circling in from her left.

Five men? They only sent five to destroy me? They should know better than that. She scooted to the other side of the bench and locked on to the two men whose reflections she’d seen. The part of her brain that they’d modified for sight told her their stats; weight, position, weapon-readiness. A second later, her brain presented her with the best plan of getting out.

The first man cautiously approached the corner of the bench. She lunged out, grabbing the gun he held and twisting it from his grip. In a flash, she switched it around and fired off a blast, sending the man flying into his buddy behind him. Both men crashed into one of the other benches, sending old beakers and utensils everywhere.

Distracted, the man by the door didn’t even see her shot at him coming. He flew into the wall behind him and slumped to the floor.

Blaire ducked into cover as the other two men opened fire on her. I guess being taken alive is not a priority this time. They must be getting tired of tracking me down.

She rolled to another point of cover when there was a break in the firing. She popped up and let off a volley of energy blasts, sending the men diving for cover. Using the brief reprieve, she made a dash for the door, sliding into cover as one of the men blasted at her.

From her new spot, she could see out into the corridor. The man who’d been guarding the door was still out cold, but apprehension settled in her chest as she caught sight of another group of men making their way towards the room. There were at least ten of them. She was good, but with her processors still malfunctioning occasionally, she wasn’t good enough to take out those men in confined quarters. She’d get herself captured. Or, more than likely, killed.

Time for a new plan. She combat-rolled away from the door. An energy bolt sizzled as it grazed her arm. She winced, but battled the pain away. The two men she’d taken out earlier lay at her feet, starting to come back to consciousness. She rammed the butt of her gun into their temples. “Stay asleep, guys. Better for everyone that way.”

She rummaged through the pockets of one and found what she was after. Pulling the pins from two small orbs, she tossed one towards the door and the other towards the two men on the other side of the room. Smoke quickly filled the room, screening her from view. Perfect.

She rose and turned to the windows behind her. She was several floors up, but this was the only plan that had a success rate higher than 40%. With her enhancements, if she landed properly, she should survive the fall.

Picking up one of the old microscopes, she flung it at the window, smashing the glass. Without waiting, she leapt through after it as a flurry of bolts flew in her direction. The ground fractured as she landed, causing a mini-crater. Shouts sounded behind her, but she didn’t turn to look. Time to get out of here. She took off, knowing she was fast enough to escape them for now.

But how long until they find me again?

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