short story, story promptAvenging Angel Amber has been given an assignment to avenge a client, but when she gets to her destination she is stopped by a handsome Guardian Angel who warns her things may not be what they seem…


Amber clenched her fist and the large stained-glass window behind her shattered. Screams echoed in the church. Thousands of fragments rained down around her, but none cut her skin. Being almost indestructible had its perks.

People scrambled to reach the doors at the front of the church, trying to escape. She smiled. There was no where to go. The doors were sealed.

She kicked the pulpit over with her red-and-black boots then began walking down the aisle between the pews. Glass crunched beneath her feet. People cowered away from her, scurrying to the edges of the stone building. She stopped near the front door and spun one of the men around to face her. He was tall, but being an angel, she was taller. His scruffy hair was accompanied by a beard that was just as matted. She guessed his age to be about 20.

He clenched his jaw as he stared up at her defiantly. She cocked an eyebrow and let some of her divine light glow around her eyes. He quickly looked away. Mortals weren’t able to look at divine light for long before all sorts of troubling side-effects began happening to their bodies.

“Michael Bennett, I presume?” she asked, her voice echoing in the room.

“N-no, my name is John. John Smith.”

Amber rolled her eyes. “Puh-lease. If you are going to pick an alias, at least choose something not so obvious! Not that it matters to me. Can’t lie to an angel, Michael.”

His eyes widened and he looked at her again. She smiled coldly at him and let her ruby-coloured wings flare out behind her. Gasps went around the room.

“Y-you’re an angel?” he stammered.

avenging angel

“What gave me away?” she asked, dryly.

“Aren’t you s-supposed to be good?”

She snorted. “Depends on your definition of good. I’m good at avenging people.”


“Let’s get this straight, Michael. I am not your Guardian Angel. I’m an Avenging Angel. I’ve been sent to get vengeance for someone you’ve wronged.” She cracked her knuckles. “And I’m afraid the charges against you are quite serious.”

“W-wait! I didn’t do anything!” He looked terrified. Just how she liked them.

“Then why have you been on the run for the past two weeks?” She waved her hand around. “Hiding out in churches? Did you honestly think ‘holy ground’ would save you from me? I’m an angel, dirtbag.”

She raised a fist. Time to give the creep what he deserved. She swung.

A hand wrapped around her wrist before she could reach his jaw. She glared at the intercepter. He was even taller than she was, dressed casually in blue jeans and a black button-down shirt. White wings spread out wide behind him.

“Damn it, why do you Guardians always try to spoil my fun?” she spat at the newcomer.

“Nice to meet you too, Amber.” His clear, light-blue angel eyes seemed to be laughing at her. “I’m afraid I can’t let you hurt this man. He is under my protection.”

“I’m not even going to ask how you know my name, but who might you be?” She wrenched her arm from his grasp and took a step away.

“Guardian Angel Kirrin. Class S Guardian.”

She let out a low whistle and glanced at the young man she’d been about to sock in the face. “You’ve got the big boys watching your back, Mikey.” The boy swallowed hard.

“Can I at least get a reason as to why I can’t exact my client’s vengeance upon this scumbag?” she demanded.

“Unfortunately, no. Classified info. Class B Avengers don’t have clearance.”

She scowled at his smug-but-oh-so-handsome face. Maybe I should kick this angel’s butt and show him what I’m really capable of.

“I can tell you this much,” Kirrin said as he turned to the door and broke her seal. He pushed the door open letting the terrified masses out. The second they passed the threshold, they all blissed-out as his Guardian magic wiped their memories of the last few moments. He glanced back, his eyes serious for the first time. “Look deeper, Amber. The Vengeance Brokers are compromised. Question every order you are given.” With a wink, he disappeared with her quarry.

She huffed and turned to fly out the window she’d broken. I wish his words didn’t ring so true…

I like this one! You can probably also tell I like the angel theme… I’ve got a few angel story-starters already here!

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