short story, story promptSo this little snippet came to me today – it’s part of Dru’s backstory, one of the main characters in my upcoming mini-serial The Unfinished Prophecy. This is the moment when he receives the honour of becoming the youngest Elite Protector in the history of Elturia, told through the eyes of his younger brother. It’s also around the time when the threat of the Darkness was starting to become apparent…


Quinn watched his older brother with pride. Dru had just been promoted to an Elite Protector, the highest rank that anyone in the Order of Protectors could attain. He grinned as the shiny new badge was pinned to his brother’s shirt. One day, he’d have one of those badges and the two of them would travel Elturia saving damsels in distress, just like the games they’d played as children.

“It is my honour to present our newest Elite member,” one of the older Protector’s proclaimed. Quinn recognised him as Torvven, one of his teachers and the man that Dru had apprenticed under. He knew Dru revered the old man, but Quinn had never really liked him.

“Dru Silverwing has joined the ranks of the Elite as the youngest Protector ever to do so!” Torvven smiled at Dru. “We expect great things from you, my boy.”

Dru turned to face the gathered crowd. His face was serious, as it always seemed to be these days. Quinn caught his eye and gave him a thumbs up. A slight smile tilted Dru’s mouth. He stepped off the raised platform and made his way towards his brother.

Quinn clapped him on the back. “You did it! You’re the youngest Elite Protector ever.” He eyed the new badge on his uniform enviously. “Enjoy that honour while you can. You watch, I’ll work so hard that I will become the youngest Elite Protector ever!”

short story, story prompt

That coaxed a laugh out of Dru. “As if. You need to keep in mind that as the older brother, I am naturally better at everything!” They grinned at each other.

“Dru! Oh, congratulations, dear. You did it!” Their parents came over, their mother making a fuss, as usual. “Look at you, all grown up!”

Their dad laid a hand on Dru’s shoulder. “I’m proud of you. Only 15 and already one of the best Protectors out there.”

Quinn felt a pang of jealousy at the attention Dru was getting, but he pushed it away. I’ll have my chance soon. Only one more year as an apprentice and then I’ll show them all what I can really do. I’ll be even better than Dru!

He scowled as Torvven joined the small group. The way the old man looked at him always annoyed him. It was almost as if Torvven disliked him for some reason. Quinn was fine with that. He didn’t like the man either, no matter how many praises Dru sang about him.

“Congratulations, Dru. You were the most promising apprentice I ever trained.”

Quinn rolled his eyes. Is the Dru-is-so-awesome fest over yet? It’s not that impressive.

“Thanks, Torvven. I couldn’t have done it without your guidance and training.”

Torvven smiled briefly before his face became somber. “It’s not a moment too soon. I believe we will be needing all the help we can get in the near future.”

Quinn’s father put a comforting arm around his mother. “Are you referring to the Darkness threat?” he asked Torvven.

“I’m afraid so. It seems that the ‘infection’ has spread. The Crystal Lake is now completely frozen over. Only the castle itself is still unaffected.” He glanced at Dru. “But who knows how long they can hold out before the Darkness takes that too.”

His mother shivered. “I’ve noticed the stars slowly disappearing from the sky at night.”

Quinn looked at his brother. “You can stop the Darkness, can’t you Dru?”

Dru smiled at him and ruffled his hair mischievously, knowing how much he hated it. “Of course. I might need some help though, so you’d better hurry up and become an Elite!”

I hope you enjoyed this small insight into Dru’s background! If you haven’t already seen the teaser for the first book of the mini-serial, you can read that here.

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