short story, story promptWe’ve hit the one-month mark! 😀 Today’s 500 words mark the one-month milestone! Only 11 months to go! 😉

Orion is a constellation in the night sky. So when a girl stumbles across him on Earth, things get very strange…


The boy stared at me.

I stared at him.

“You…” I began. “You are…” I couldn’t seem to get past that point. Shock was befuddling my brain. “You are…” Nope. Still couldn’t articulate the thought.

“I am Orion,” he helpfully supplied. His eyes didn’t move from mine. They were such a deep blue that they were almost black. Small flecks of lighter blue sparkled in them and it dawned on me that those flecks were in the pattern of the Orion constellation. I couldn’t look away.

“You are Orion…” I breathed. Finally. Got that out of my system.

He tilted his head to the side, seeming to study me. “You are a person.”

“Ah, yep.” Last time I checked, anyway. “And you are … not supposed to exist. You’re a constellation.”

short story, story prompt

His eyes never wavered from mine. “You are old.”

I blinked at him. “Nineteen is not old, thank you very much,” I informed him, tossing my head indignantly. My gaze returned to him. He can’t be much older than eight or nine. How can a constellation be so young? Wait, what am I thinking? How can a constellation even become human?!

I closed my eyes and pressed my fingers to my forehead. “This is bizarre,” I muttered. Had I eaten something strange recently? “You are an impossibility.”

“Is this better?”

The deep voice caused my eyes to fly open. The boy was gone. In his place was a young man. A very toned, muscled man. A very hot man. I gaped at him.

“What…” Great. I was back to being stuck on a thought. “How…”

He frowned at me. “Is this not better?”

“Um… yeah. Sure. Better.” Did he seriously change his appearance?!

“You seem unsure about this.” He took a few steps towards me. “Was the younger form more suitable?”

“N-no, this is … this is fine.” I took a deep breath. “It’s, uh … it’s just humans don’t change their looks – or age – at will.” I crossed my arms over my chest, trying to ignore the pounding of my heart. Why did he have to make himself so good-looking?

“Oh.” He seemed to take a minute to think this over.

“Um, do you mind if I ask you something?”

“You want to know what I am doing here.”

“Well … yeah. Why would a constellation come to Earth? Why would you want to?”

“Something of mine was stolen and hidden on this planet. I need it back.”

“Stolen?” What did a constellation own that could possibly be stolen from him? “What was taken from you?”

“My Belt.” He looked up to the night skies above us.

I followed his gaze. I knew my stars well, being an amateur astrologer and avid stargazer. I searched out the spot where Orion would normally be located. I should have been prepared for it, but it was still a shock to see that the spot he should be occupying was empty. Dark. No stars at all.

Orion was no longer in the night skies.

I glanced back down to the young man in front of me. He was wearing hunting garb and true enough, there was no belt. His wavy black hair was riotous, those deep blue eyes luminous. It really sunk in then.

I was talking to a freaking constellation.

This one … I think this one could be epic! A fitting story for the first milestone!

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