story prompt, storyKirsty has stumbled into an alternate reality… with cyborgs in it! But what does Cameron, a boy from her school, have to do with this new reality?


Kirsty gasped as her foot slipped out from under her and she began tumbling down the stairs.

A strong arm circled her waist and halted her fall. “Hey there. Careful.” The deep, masculine voice sent shivers through her. Cameron had the sexiest voice.

She turned and shot him a nervous smile. “Thanks for that.” She adjusted her glasses which had tilted slightly in her almost-fall.

He grinned at her. “You’re a bit clumsy, aren’t you?”

She blushed furiously. “I guess.”

He put his finger to his chin and pretended to think. “What does that make it? Three times I’ve caught you?” There was a mischievous glint in his eye.

Kirsty sighed. “Four.” A smile tugged at the side of her mouth.

“Oh, that’s right, there was the chair incident.”

She crossed her arms. “That one wasn’t my fault! That girl pushed her chair out so quickly and without looking behind her.”

“You still nearly fell over.”

“Yeah, and you still caught me.” She gave him a real smile. “Thanks for saving me from all those bruises!”

He chuckled. “You’re welcome. We can’t have your beautiful skin becoming black and blue!” He bent and picked up the book she’d dropped, handing it to her before walking towards his classroom.

Kirsty fought down the second blush trying to show on her cheeks. She didn’t feel like she was doing a very good job as her face heated. Why did he have to say stuff like that to her? It gave her false hope.

She shook her head briskly. Oh, what did it matter? To him, she looked like a klutz, a clumsy girl he kept saving from falling on her butt.

Maybe she should stop reading while she was walking…

She folded her arms around the book and paid more attention to the last three steps. She headed to her own class, the opposite direction to his.

It took her a little while to notice that the hall was eerily quiet. The bell for class hadn’t rung yet. There should be plenty of students crowding the hallways about now. She reached the classroom and peered inside. Empty. Where was everyone? Was there an assembly she was supposed to be at?

Nerves fluttered in her belly. This felt … wrong. She pushed her glasses higher on her nose. That was when she noticed something else. The hall and classroom looked worn out and old, as if they had been neglected for several years. There were cracks in the window panes that she hadn’t seen before. Several were even smashed completely. The flooring was chipped and torn up in places. Paint was peeling off the walls. Desks were tipped on their sides and falling apart.

Kirsty took a few steps back and glanced around herself, bewildered. Lockers were tipped over, doors hung off their hinges, and the heating seemed to have been switched off. It was freezing. What the heck is going on?

A few seconds later, she heard shoes tapping along the hall behind her. Relieved, she spun around. A lady who looked to be in her thirties was striding towards her. A frown marred her forehead as she approached Kirsty.

“Who are you?” she demanded, her voice harsh and commanding.

“K-Kirsty. Who are you? What’s going on?”

The woman continued to frown at her. “You are not supposed to be here.”

“But … school …” Kirsty began weakly. Her eyes widened in shock as the woman unholstered a gun and pointed it at her.

“You are not supposed to be here.”

She staggered back. “Alright! Alright, I’m leaving!”

“I cannot let you leave. You must be terminated. You may have seen things you should not have.”

“I haven’t! I didn’t see anything! Please!” Fear pulsed through her body. What the HELL is going on?!

A shot rang out. Kirsty froze. No pain… wasn’t getting shot supposed to hurt?

The woman collapsed to the floor, jerking slightly. For some reason, her head also seemed to be sparking and letting off acrid black smoke.

“Kirsty. You okay?”

“Cameron?! It’s so good to see you! What’s happening?” She noticed the gun he held at his side. She gulped. “Did you… did you just shoot her?”

He glanced at the gun, then at her apologetically. “Yes. She’s a cyborg. The bullet won’t keep her down for long and she’s going to be pretty angry when she’s back on her feet. We should get out of here.”

Where are we exactly? Why does the school look like this?”

He bit his lip. She couldn’t help but think it looked adorable when he did that. “You’ve stumbled into an alternate reality, one where the school hasn’t run for several years now.”

“An alternate reality? With cyborgs?” She shook her head. “What sort of crazy reality is that?”

He sighed. “My reality, unfortunately.”

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