story promptThis piece might actually be more of a middle bit than a beginning…


Cecilia grabbed hold of Jake’s arm. “Wait! Please! Don’t leave!” She desperately fought the tears back. “Let me explain.”

He shook her hand off his arm, face impassive and cold. “There’s nothing to explain. You know how I feel about witches.”

“Jake, we aren’t all bad! There are some of us who fight against black magic. This is to protect you!”

He snorted derisively. “Yeah, right, you probably want to use it to control me.”

“It doesn’t work like that. Please, Melanie is up to no good.” She tried to press the amulet into his hand. “I think she’s using black magic against you and this will protect you from her spells.”

“Melanie is not a witch. And I don’t care what you want to classify it as. Black, pure, rainbow-coloured magic – to me, it’s all evil.” He turned and slammed the door.

Cecilia’s tears fell. How did this happen? She had been so sure that once she revealed she was a good witch, that Melanie was trying to use him, he would understand.

Instead, he’d pushed her away.

She wiped her eyes and picked up the amulet she’d tried to give him. It was supposed to protect him. She’d enchanted it to keep black magic away from him. Melanie wasn’t going to stop trying to get him fully under her spell.

Angrily, she kicked the wall and winced. Why won’t he listen to me? Why wouldn’t he believe me when I warned him about Melanie’s plan? He was so stubborn and so set against magic, she’d thought it would be easy to show him that Melanie was a witch.

Perhaps he was already under quite deep. Or perhaps he just liked her so much that he refused to listen to it, didn’t want it to be true.

That left a sour taste in her mouth.

She sighed and tucked the amulet in her pocket. She would have to get him to wear it somehow. If he got hurt because of Melanie’s plans, she’d kill that witch.

Maybe she could use her own powers to convince him to wear it? She shook her head immediately. No way. He was already wary of her. Any spells of suggestion she tried to cast on him wouldn’t work. Besides, she didn’t want to have to resort to magic, and she really didn’t want to have to use it on him when he hated it so much.

Her grey cat, Nix, twined around her legs. She leaned down to pet him. “I can understand why he doesn’t like magic, after what happened to his last girlfriend, but we aren’t all evil,” she murmured to the cat. “We can do wonderful things with our gifts as well.”

A lightbulb went off in her head. “That’s it! I’ll show him all the great things I can do! The ways that I help people with my powers and how I battle against the abusers of magic.”

Nix meowed. “You’re right, Nix. It’s a fabulous plan!”

It’s not great, but I’m noticing on the long busy days, it’s a lot harder for me to get good ideas and good story starters on the page!

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