story prompt, short storyWelcome to the New Year everyone! Here is the first 500-word-story-starter of the year 2016 – Kaitlyn overhears a conversation about a mysterious boy who is coming to stay at the manor where she works…


Spinning around joyfully, Kaitlyn turned her face to the sunshine, soaking in the warmth. It felt so good to be out of that cold, ancient manor house. Peaceful moments outside in the sprawling gardens were rare. Work in the manor was never-ending. The old Baron was a crotchety man who never thought anything was done properly, forcing the servants to re-do jobs over and over. It got tiring.

She shook her head and resolved to enjoy her brief moment outside. She should be grateful she even had a job. Work was difficult to come by these days, especially a decent paying job like hers.

“The Baron won’t be happy about this,” a low voice said nearby. “You know he hates having visitors of any sort, even if it is his own family.”

Kaitlyn froze. The voice was coming from the other side of the hedge she was standing by. She was pretty sure it was Edward’s voice, the Baron’s personal butler.

“He doesn’t have a choice this time,” another voice answered him. “The boy needs shelter while he undergoes the transformation. He can’t be anywhere near society.” There was a rustle. “Here. I have a note from the Silver Lady herself, instructing the Baron to give shelter to her nephew. He cannot refuse.”

She heard Edward sigh. “Very well. I will present the note. Bring the carriage around the front of the manor in an hour. I will make sure the Baron is aware and prepare one of the remote rooms for the boy.”

“Another thing; I cannot stay with him. I must return to the Silver Lady.”

Edward made an irritated sound. “Does she expect me to serve both the Baron and look after her nephew too?”

“Surely you can get one of the other servants to see to the boy’s needs when necessary?”

“It’s a risk, but I will have to take it. I can always deal with a troublesome servant who sees too much later.”

Kaitlyn pressed her lips tightly together to keep from gasping. That had sounded suspiciously like a threat. He could simply mean he will stop employing the servant, she tried to tell herself. Something in his voice told her she was wrong about that.

“Alright, give me one hour, then bring the boy. Everything will be ready.”

There was the sound of footsteps in the grass as the men moved away. Kaitlyn shrunk into the hedge, hoping they wouldn’t pass her. She didn’t want to find out what would happen to a servant who had overheard too much…

It was almost ten minutes later that she felt safe enough to rush back to the mansion without being seen. She slipped through the servants entrance and hurried to get back to her work.


She jumped. “Y-yes, Edward?” Turning, she tried not to shake. Did he know she’d heard them talking?

“Go and prepare the old Blue Room for a guest. The Baron’s young cousin is coming to visit for a while. It needs to be seen to immediately. His arrival is imminent.”

She bobbed her head. “Yes, of course Edward, I will do it now.” She turned to hurry off.

“Oh, and Kaitlyn? Make sure the curtains are drawn. The boy is quite ill and needs his rest.”

“Of course, Edward.”

Why? Why did he have to pick me? She forced herself to calm down. He had only asked her to prepare the room for the mysterious boy, not take care of him. She would just have to make sure she didn’t ‘see’ anything she probably shouldn’t while the boy was here.

Should be easy enough.

What did you think of this one? It could be quite a good short story – I’ve already got the plot half-done in my head!

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