story prompt, short story, freeRight, so Day 12 is now live! Claire is a Fae in hiding, but it seems like she may have just been found. It’s not who she was expecting to be found by, though…

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As soon as she walked in the door of her house, Claire felt the difference in the air. Something was wrong.

“Dad?” Her voice sounded flat. No one answered. Fear shafted deep into her chest.

They’d been found.

Trying to push down her panic, she moved quietly through the house. Perhaps he’d just gone out for a bit? He’d probably left a note for her in the kitchen.

Sure, Claire, and left the door unlocked? She shook her head.

Hoping he had gone out and simply forgotten to lock the door on his way out, she checked the notepad on the kitchen bench. Nothing.

A floorboard squeaked above her head. She froze. Someone was still in the house and they were trying to be stealthy. She knew it wouldn’t be her dad – with the Fae-blood that ran through their veins, they barely touched the ground with their feet. If they could get away with it, they wouldn’t walk at all. Flight was so much quicker and easier, as natural to them as breathing. It had been hard to adjust to walking everywhere when they were forced into hiding, trying to blend in with the humans.

Drawing on some of her power, Claire cloaked herself in invisibility and floated up the stairs. She wouldn’t be able to hold the invisibility in place for long, but it would be enough to scope out the top floor. Hopefully, she would find the intruder and her dad.

She peeked through the door to her room which was slightly ajar. She had to stifle a gasp when she saw the mess it was in. Her clothes had been pulled out of draws, the covers tossed from the bed and her bookshelf was practically bare, the books and knick-knacks strewn across the room.

She frowned. Why would they search her room? Surely they were just after her and her father? What could they have possibly thought she would keep in her room?

Making her way down the hall, she peered in the spare room. It seemed relatively untouched. They didn’t keep much in there.

The door to her dad’s room creaked. She whipped her head round. A petite woman with long blonde hair crept out of the room, furtively glancing around. She beckoned towards the door, urging someone out into the hall. A hulking figure appeared, holding Claire’s dad over his massive shoulder.

“I thought I heard her voice,” the blonde woman whispered. “If we can snag both of them, it would be the capture of the decade.”

Claire stood as still as stone, aware that her invisibility was not going to last much longer. She could already feel the magic draining her, but she could not let herself be captured by these people. She wasn’t sure who they were or why they wanted her and her dad. They didn’t seem to be affiliated with the Fae group hunting them.

But who else would know about fairy folk? Not to mention, who else would have the skills and knowledge needed to capture a Fae as powerful as her dad?

A shiver ran down her spine. She’d seen her dad’s power. No ordinary being would be able to take him down.

She watched helplessly as the odd couple disappeared down the stairs, taking her dad with them.

Who were they?

Claire might be the wrong name for a Fae… what do you think??

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