short story, story promptLove has returned to the mortal planes, ready to help those who feel unloved and unwanted. What she finds instead has her revealing her angelic status way ahead of time – but when a baby’s life is at stake, what else is an Angel of Love to do?


Love let out a nervous breath as her feet touched down on something solid. This was it! She was in the mortal planes. It felt like such a long time since she’d actually set foot on Iryzium. If she was honest with herself, she felt like she was finally coming home – she’d always preferred being amongst the mortals rather than up in Heaven with the other angels.

“Oi, lady! Get outta the way!”

Startled, Love opened her eyes. As if that shout had burst a bubble around her, her senses became overwhelmed by the sights, sounds and smells of the town around her. She stumbled back a few steps as someone’s shoulder slammed into her. Regaining her balance, she followed the flow of people moving down the street.

Excitement seemed to buzz in the air. She had the feeling there was something big going on, or about to happen. Snippets of conversation filtered through the garbled noise around her.

“…heard he was gonna sacrifice…”

“…Lady of Light will be heart-broken…”

“…can’t do anything to stop it…”

The road they all followed eventually led into a massive circular area, paved with cobbles and packed with townsfolk. In the centre of the circle was a tall stone platform. A group of people stood upon it and Love strained to see them from the distance she was at. She had a bad feeling about this.

Pushing through the crowds, Love strained to get closer. One of the men had stepped to the edge of the platform and raised his arms above his head. Instantly, the crowds quietened. She stopped, reaching a wall of bodies that would not budge.

“People of Verusia!” he boomed, his voice echoing around the circular area. “Today is a momentous day in the history of our city. You are privileged indeed to be here to witness your King and Queen present their firstborn daughter, the First Princess of Verusia!”

Some of Love’s confusion cleared. She’d been to Verusia decades ago, before the Oppressor had imprisoned Zia, the Goddess of Ilyzium. She didn’t recall them having a royal family though. That was new.

It’s sweet that they are sharing their joy at having a baby girl, Love thought with a smile. They must be very happy!

She glanced at the man and woman standing in the centre of the raised platform. Both were dressed richly in colours of purple, blue and silver, matching the banners that fluttered from poles all around the circle. Her sense of unease grew. Neither of them looked particularly happy. In fact, the Queen looked positively distraught, though she seemed to be trying to hide it. She gripped a tiny bundle of gold cloth against her chest, gently rocking it. Love wasn’t sure, but she thought she could see tears in the Queen’s eyes as she gazed at the baby in her arms.

Something was definitely wrong here.

She tried shoving against the people in front of her again, but there was no use. The townsfolk were packed so tightly there was barely room to breathe, let alone move.

“You all know the price your King and Queen paid for peace in Verusia,” the herald continued. “The time has come for the collection of that debt. People of Verusia, pay your respects to the First Princess.”


All around her, people bowed their heads and faint murmurs of thanks and praise could be heard.

A strange tension suddenly filled the air. Love froze. She’d know that feeling anywhere. One of the Oppressor’s minions was here!

In a flash of black lightning and a thunderous rumble, he appeared on the raised platform in front of the King and Queen. The people gathered closest to the central platform shrank back.

What is he doing here? Love couldn’t believe the evil creature was brazen enough to show his face while his master was weakened.

The King stepped forward. “Our city and lands will be left alone forever more once this agreement is completed?” he demanded of the minion. “The Oppressor will never again ask us for anything?”

The minion rubbed his hands together gleefully. “Of course. You will keep your title as King and the Oppressor will uphold his end of the bargain.”

The King nodded once. A sob broke from the Queen. Love’s heart broke at the sound of such distress. What was going on? This should be a happy day for them.

“I will take the baby sacrifice now, then,” the minion said, holding out his spindly arms for the gold-wrapped bundle.

Love’s heart stopped. What? The innocent baby was the price they were talking about? They had struck a bargain with the Oppressor to take the baby and leave the city alone?

No. No! There was no way she was going to let that happen. She would not let a tiny, defenceless mortal go to the Oppressor.

Hardly realising what she was doing, her wings had sprouted from her back and her halo blazed into existence. She leapt into the air.

“Stop!” she shouted, her angelic voice reaching all areas of the circle with ease.

Shouts of surprise, fright and awe came from the townspeople below her.

“I will not allow this to happen! The Goddess Zia has sent me to show you that she has returned. She would never approve of sacrificing a baby! The Oppressor has been defeated. You don’t need to fear him anymore! Vile traces of him still linger,” she gave a pointed glance to the quivering minion, “but we are fighting to restore Iryzium to her former glory.”

She glided onto the podium. “I am the Angel of Love and I forbid this to happen. I dissolve any and all agreements between the city of Verusia and the Oppressor. He has no more claim to anything within these walls.” With a touch of her hand, the minion disappeared in a puff of smoke, back to whatever corner of Hell he had crawled from.

There was a long silence. People stared at her.

Then the cheers started. Within moments, the circle was filled with the joyful cries of the townspeople.

“Thank you,” the Queen whispered, tears streaming down her face. “Thank you for saving my baby!”

Love smiled down at the blue eyes of the princess, who gurgled back at her. “I don’t need to be thanked. Seeing her safe, loved and where she belongs is all I need.”

That was the story beginnings for the Angels of Faith, Hope and Love and their tasks to mend the world of Iryzium! Would you read more?

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