story promptThis one took some effort (I’m not feeling very well today, I’m sure you know how much that can sap your will to do anything), but I quite like this one. I’ve got goddesses on the brain at the moment!


Zephyria focused on the clouds around her as she floated among them. Gritting her teeth, she tugged at the wind, forcing it to do what she wanted. It fought her, pulling free of her magical grasp time and time again. She was getting no where with her project.

Frustrated, she grabbed at it again and flung it towards the cloud formation she was trying to sculpt. The wind rushed towards the clouds and whipped through them, completely destroying what little progress she had made.

“You’re supposed to be creating a castle in the clouds, not decimating it,” an amused voice said from behind her.

She turned to find her best friend Pyronix sitting on a cloud, eyes sparkling with laughter.

“I’d like to see you do better,” she retorted.

He shrugged. “I know that I can’t, so I don’t even try. My gifts don’t lie in that area.” He clicked his fingers, lighting a tiny flame in the palm of his hand, as if to demonstrate what his gifts were.

“Show-off,” Zephyria muttered. She collapsed onto a fluffy cloud beside him. “This is impossible. My exam is next week! I can’t learn this by then.”

“Sure you can,” he encouraged. “You need to concentrate on your studies more and the mortals less.” He gave her a stern look. “I saw you sneak off to the mortal planes again last night.”

Excitement fluttered in her chest. “Oh, Pyro, you should have seen it! They were celebrating a light festival! There were hundreds of paper lanterns that floated into the sky! It was so beautiful.”

“Stop it!” Pyro’s eyes flared red. Zephyria pulled back in shock. His eyes only ever flared red when he was extremely emotional. She had only ever seen it happen a handful of times in the past century or so.

“You know you are not allowed on Earth! Only greater gods and goddesses are allowed to make the journey.”

She pouted. “Why do they get all the fun?”

Pyro’s eyes died down to their normal jade green colour. “Because they are fully-fledged gods and know their power. They can look after themselves.” He gently took her hand. “You can’t even control your gifts yet. What would happen to you if you got in trouble down there?”

She hated it when he made sense. She especially hated it when he made sense while giving her the puppy-dog eyes that she could never resist.

“Pyro, it’s so amazing down there,” she tried, feebly.

“Think about me. What would I do if I lost my best friend?”

She groaned. “You’re so mean to me. Why do you always want to take my fun away?”

He released her hand. “To protect you from yourself, Zeph. Trust me, you need it…”

She punched him in the arm. “I’ll race you back to the Pantheon! Loser feeds the Hydra!”

“Don’t make bets you know you can’t win,” he taunted. He took off, whizzing through the air.

She grinned after him. He hadn’t made her promise not to go back to Earth. She’d just have to be careful he didn’t catch her next time.

As always, let me know what you think of this one!

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