Day 1Well, here it is – the first of 366 story beginnings. Let me know what you think in the comments!


Reanna eased her small body around the trunk of the tree she had been hunched behind. Choosing her next step carefully, she nudged a small branch out of the way with her boot before settling her weight on her foot. Picking her way through the darkened forest, she headed for the clearing, keeping as silent as she could. Attracting attention at this point would end in disaster. She shuddered at the thought and took a deep breath.

The low mumble of voices drifted to her ears. She was getting close.

Crouching lower to the forest floor, she barely dared to breathe as she continued to move cautiously towards the sound.

The flapping of large wings above her set her heart racing. Her head shot up. An owl was disappearing into the night. Shaking her head, she took a few deep breaths before placing her back to a tree on the edge of the clearing, being careful to remain out of sight.

The golden glow of firelight from the clearing made the forest she’d walked through seem darker and more dangerous. Reanna tugged her deep green cloak tighter around herself, the chill of the autumn night finally starting to seep through the layers of her hunting clothes.

Moving slowly, she crouched before peering around the tree trunk.

After the darkness of the forest, the fire in the centre of the clearing dazzled her eyes. She squinted and waited for the dark spots to clear.

Tall robed figures stood in what seemed to be random positions around the clearing. The hoods of their robes were all drawn over their heads, obscuring their faces. Each robe was a different colour and different material. Magical attachments also adorned each one – small flames licked along the hems of one; the glow of sunlight was threaded through another; moss and leaves seemed to sprout from one. Reanna’s favourite was the rippling blue water cloak. Mist floated around it and beads of water sparkled all over, catching the firelight and looking like tiny crystals.

One of the cloaked figures had their arms outstretched towards the dark sky. Reanna recognised her as the Elementyl of Night, Watcher of Constellations and Bearer of Predictions. Her cloak sparkled with starlight, creating a silvery halo around her. Her hood had fallen back, revealing hair as black as the night she served, interwoven with strands of silver that coalesced at her forehead to hold the shimmering moonstone gem.

The Elementyl of Night’s voice rose, clear and sweet. Reanna could now recognise the mumble of voices she’d heard earlier as the melodic Chant of the New Moon.

A content smile crept across her face as she observed the clearing. She had always loved watching the Elementyls perform the Chants of Life. The sacred rituals were always beautifully moving.

The chant wound to an end, each voice dropping into silence until only the Elementyl of Night was left singing. She lowered her arms as she finished the chant.

Everyone looked to the sky. Reanna did the same, anticipation coursing through her. This was the best part.

High in the sky, stars glittered brighter than normal. The tiniest sliver of moon appeared among them and a collective sigh ran through the group of Elementyls.

Reanna swiftly pulled her head back from the clearing, before any of them noticed her. Technically, she wasn’t allowed to be anywhere near a sacred ritual. No one except Elementyls were supposed to be present.

With a satisfied smile, Reanna began the trek home.

Technicalities had never stopped her.

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