Why are beginnings so hard to write?

For that matter, why are middles and ends also hard to write? 😉 Most of the time when I am writing, I will do it in order – start with the beginning and finish with the end and I always have some sort of story plan, which is often very detailed. The Mythicals started out with a story plan, but it sucked so I threw it away! Since then, I haven’t thought of another story plan and have been “pantsing” it (flying by the seat of my pants)! 😀

The Mythicals has changed a lot from the first kernel of an idea that it was about 5 years ago. Back then, I didn’t plan on having about 90% of what I am now planning to have in it! I had no clear idea about where or how they got the ability to change into mythical creatures, there weren’t going to be any ancient Greek gods and their enemies were simply going to be “normal” people who thought that they were unnatural and should all be exterminated! Not exactly blockbuster material! It was a lame story plan! It is now in tiny shreds, never to see the light of day again! 😉

Pic by CdotLove Design

Pic by CdotLove Design

Still, I do like to have some sort of story plan, otherwise my writing tends to have no direction and I end up having to do endless rewrites (as evidenced by the current rewrite #3 of the first book…). Luckily, the ancient gods of writing are giving me a few inklings of a much greater story plan – one of epic proportions and better blockbuster-ness! There will be Greek gods, betrayal, loyalty, twists and turns, fantastical battles, maybe some lovey-dovey stuff…

Stay tuned!