40 days leftSo, if you’ve been reading the blog, you know that I am currently on a crocodile-and-jellyfish-infested tropical island in the middle of the Gulf of Carpentaria! 😉 It’s not a bad life here, but at the same time, there isn’t much to do unless you love fishing (which I don’t!). The mining town has a few good places to eat and there are often activities organised and the occasional festival on the communities, but that still leaves much to be desired, especially after living near a city!

However, all that will be coming to an end soon! I am finishing up my position here at the schools and leaving the island in 40 days time. I’m looking forward to the next stage (which hopefully includes moving to the UK!) but I have also really enjoyed my time here and the challenges I have had to overcome in my job.

As for my writing, it has been a struggle to get much done lately as I have taken a second job that uses up all of my evening time and weekends. With the help of the writing buddy I recently found, I have been doggedly jotting down a few paragraphs here and there. I am hoping to get a lot more done once we leave the island as we plan to have two months off preparing to move overseas and also travelling around Europe. Plus, we are thinking of working part-time/casual for a year, which would leave me a lot more free time to really get down to it and finish The Mythicals. Rewrites are not fun…

So, 40 days left… a lot could happen in that time! 🙂