Every Friday, I fly out to another island in a tiny mosquito of a plane – great fun, but also really noisy and squashed up! Anyway, last Friday I lent my work vehicle to someone at the school so they could use it to do some maintenance work. I wouldn’t be needing it all day and she agreed to pick me up from the air strip when I flew back.

Well, apparently sometime during the day, some little pesky hooligans decided to use the car as target practice for their slingshots… When she came to pick me up, the front passenger side window was smashed as was the rear window. She’d managed to find some plastic that was sort of see-through and taped up the gaping holes, but it’s now very difficult to see out of either window.

Unfortunately, being out on a remote island means that it can take ages for repairs to be made. I have to wait until they get the window parts shipped over on the barge before they can even begin to think about fixing it…

All taped up!

All taped up!

It's really hard to see out of... :(

It’s really hard to see out of… 🙁

The most annoying part is the noise… the wind against the plastic is quite loud, especially at 90km an hour… 🙁