As part of my current job doing school nutrition, I have to travel to three different community schools. One of the communities is on the other side of the island so I have to drive 45 minutes, 2 days a week to get there. That might seem like a long time to some people, but for remote Australia, it’s not even a quick drive to the supermarket! (I once lived in a place where we had to make a weekend of it and drive 4 hours to do our shopping…)

Unfortunately, Mother Nature wasn’t very agreeable today. For the past two nights, it has rained almost non-stop. Generally, the road out there is pretty good, they have bridges over most of the creeks. There is only one spot that doesn’t have a bridge, instead there is a floodway. So – understandably – whenever it rains, that area floods! They have one of those depth indicators and it was over the 1 metre mark this morning. Several cars were backed up on either side and no one was game enough to give it a go. At one point, a 4×4 car with a snorkel tried, but he only got a third of the way over before he decided to reverse out the way he came! The only one who got through was a large truck because he had the height and weight to make it. The water only just reached over his tyres whereas it would have reached my car’s windscreens!

I think I'd need a boat to get to work today!

I think I’d need a boat to get to work today!

I’m supposed to go out there again tomorrow, so we’ll see if I can make it through without floating away down the river! 😉