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Dive into a fantasy world of myth, magic and wonder. Choose a new adventure in a land where anything is possible and nothing is certain. Welcome to the world of Maggie’s books.

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Maggie loves to be creative in many other ways. When she needs a break from writing, she designs gorgeous journals and notebooks that are perfect for writing new stories in!

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Six magical charms. Two young heroes.
One Unknown Prophecy…

When 15-year-old Cierra recklessly jumps through a portal and ends up in the strange twilight Kingdom of Elturia, she causes all sorts of trouble for Dru, a Protector of Elturia.

With the discovery that her charm bracelet is the prophesied key to destroying a plague of Darkness that has settled over the Kingdom, she and Dru are thrown together to begin a perilous quest to break the curse.

But not everyone wants the Darkness gone. One man is determined that his new-found power with the Darkness will continue for a long time yet. He will do anything to get his hands on the bracelet and use the charms for his own hidden agenda…

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